Technological proecting

Starting a new business or optimizing one already existing is a gradual, but also a very responsible process. It's a must to take hard decisions, like creating the whole concept, building a budget, etc. Most of the time investments in a business connected with public service aren't small, not even the slightest, and wrong decisions lead to unpleasant consequences.

We, Tirol Professional LTD., are your partner in taking the right decisions for already 15 years!
We have specialized in the technological projection and implementation of professional equipment for kitchens, bars, laundry establishments, restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, pastry shops, self-service lines, kindergartens, canteens, casinos, and many other different types of restaurants!

We are fully devoted to the sole mission of distributing only high-quality products. Our designers are considering every one of your ideas, and they perform them in a way that answers all of the requirements for functionality, basic principles and requirements of the law. This performance provides the effective action of the “НAССР” / Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Points/ - a system that analyzes the risks and control of the critical situations.

When building a kitchen it is crucial to acknowledge every detail before starting the basic work. We do our best to conform with the opinion and advices given as from the owner, so from the main chef of the project. During the work process our designers also take into consideration the menu, the overall purpose of the project and the intensity of work which has to be done, the number of the employees and the architecture of the building, in which the project will take place.

Our designers also have the important task of choosing the most proper and suitable equipment for your project, considering its individuality. In this way you are getting a complete implementation of the project, 100% answering your demands and its capacity in order to give you and your employees the opportunity of getting a maximum of work done.


The quality  of the work done in the premises is a result of the right placement of the functional zones, complete use of the available space, and last but not least the right placement of the appliances and the neutral equipment.
Image of the stages of projection: offer, draft, 3D visualization
The process of the technological design goes through the following working stages:
  • Meeting of the designers with the assignor, dimensioning and AutoCAD project. 
  • Visitation of the site in terms of viewing and sizing the real-life size of the premises.
  • Preparation of the whole technological concept of the site considering its type, menu or service, and following the whole technological order of the process. 
  • When needed, a 3D visualization is provided on a special software.
  • Providing the complete offer and the complete documentation to the client.

Our experts:

                Eng. Elvira Traikova                                      Аrh. Sabina Shushkova

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