Consulting and proecting kitchen equipment

Starting or optimizating a bussiness is not an easy task- it's a must to decide which products you need considering the menu you offer, the budget you are willing to spend on equipment, and last but not least- choosing the right products- the ones that are going to be the most suitable for your working capacity, purpose of the bussiness and the work intensity. Knowing how hard of a task it is to do this on your own, our experts are ready to consult you throught the process and make an offer, that will include your professional needs. They are going to develop technological projects and interior decisions in their ideal and working phase. After discussing and analyzing your professional needs and desires, we are going to provide you a fully-developed project for the realisation of your set goals and the building of your site- restaurant, bar, hotel, pastry shop, night club, school, kindergarten, or other type of communal eating places. The technological process is a complex one consisting of the following actions- visitation of the site in terms of viewing and photograping the real-life size of the premises, preperation of the whole of the technological concept of the site, considering its type, menu or service, taking consideration of the loading of the products, and storage. When developing the technological process its specifications are conformed with the wished quality of the work going to be done in your bussiness. The quality of the work done in the premises is a result of the right placement of the functional zones, complete use of the space available, and last but not least the right placement of the appliences and the neutral equipment.

Delivery and montage of the kitchen equipment

The delivery of your kitchen equipment to your site is crucial to us, and we always execute the process on time in order to save your money and time. Our logistic department will deliver to your site no matter where in Bulgaria it is located. Our service specialists offer a free montage of the bought products, and cooperation when needed for consultation or upkeep. For the proper function of the bought equipment, it is necessary for them to be installed by our professionals, who annually attend courses where they learn about the newest tendencies of the market, in order to always be prepared and ready to help you. A well-done montage guarantiees secure, safe, and long-term use of the products.

Techinal upkeep of the kitchen equipment

We understand the importance of the use of high-quality kitchen equipment, just as much as the importance of its upkeep and safe use throught its working life. That is why we have many service teams across the country, that are always willing, when needed, to exterminate the problems that have occurred. Our technicians will consult you on how to overcome the obstacles happening at the moment. We have placed service teams in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas and they offer warranty and non-warranty services by always having replacement parts available in stock.

Our goal is to keep long-term bussiness with our clients, based on trust, communication, and professionalism.