About us

Through the years, our company has reached a leading position on the bulgarian market. The quality we provide you is a result of hard work and we assure you that you can put your trust in us. We offer you and your business high-quality products for restaurants, bars, hotels, pastry shops, cafes and canteens.

You can take a look at our online catalog where you can find most of our products, such as Fry tops, Ovens, Fryers Boiling tops, Frying pans, Trays, Table accessories, Refrigirators, and many others. Choose us as your partner and you can be sure that we will not fail to contribute to the success of your business and make your working place one that you will enjoy every second in!


Our products range from preparation equipment, such as Vegetable cutters, Cutters, Meat processors, Meat grinders, Potato peelers, etc., to heavy equipment- Ovens, Deep-fat fryers, Tilting pans, Food heaters, Ranges, Charcoal grills and many more. We also offer professional Washer extractors, Tumble dryers, and Ironers.

Having considered every desire of yours, we not only stick to sales, but offer services, too. Consultation, Technological design, Shipping, Installation, and Personnel training are only part of them.

We are willing to be your partner and contribute to the quality of your business as much as possible! Put your trust in us and contact us!